Literacy Incursion

Today the author Kym Lardner came to Coburg North Primary School and entertained the Grade 2s with drawings, stories and songs. The class thought it was hilarious, and everybody loved watching Kym draw some of the students and tell us stories. We even got to watch some students act out a story for us!

Here are some pictures of Kym’s drawings and our actors at work:





On Wednesday, the Grade 2 students had a whole lot of fun during out maths incursion! Students all became builders and accepted the challenge of creating representations and problem solving structure and balance. It was amazing to see how engaged students were and how cooperatively they could work together.  The structures built were nothing short of amazing and at times, towered above the teachers.  If your child is interested in partaking in any further workshops please access the link below for event details:

Please have a look below at some photographs from this incursion.





Integrated Interviews and Favourite Toys

Last week in integrated studies, we had the opportunity to share our interviews with our peers. It was interesting to find out what toys our parents or grandparents had played with, what toys were popular in the past , as well as what materials they were made out of. Some of us found it extremely hard to believe that our parents played with Lego and that it had been around for so long!

Students also had the opportunity to bring in their favourite toys and share them with their peers. It was great to hear everyone telling the “story” of their toy and why they were so special. Lots of the toys that were brought in reminded students of a personal of significant event in their lives, such as birthdays and other celebrations. It was obvious that a lot of these toys were really well loved!

Have a look below for some photos of students sharing their interviews and toys.


Book Week

On Friday the 8th September in memory of Liz Collins, CNPS will take part in Book Week. This event will coincide with Literacy and Numeracy Week and will see all students and teachers coming to school dressed up as their favourite book character or author! For example, you may wish to come dressed as Matilda, Harry Potter, Dr.Seuss, Where’s Wally, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, Madeleine, or Little Red Riding Hood. We are asking all who participate to kindly donate a gold coin. All money raised from this event will go to towards purchasing books, in memory of Liz Collins.

At 9.05am, we will have a special parade outside on the basketball courts (weather permitting), to give everyone a chance to show off their fancy costumes. If the weather is poor, the parade will be moved into the hall. Parents and friends are more than welcome to attend. Thank you in advance for your kindness and support.

We look forward to seeing a sea of book characters at CNPS!

English Curriculum Team


This week in mathematics lessons, we have been exploring multiplication as repeated addition. We have been learning that an array is an arrangements of objects, pictures or numbers in columns and rows. Rows go across our bodies (side to side), whilst columns go up and down and hold buildings up. It has been fun exploring arrays and identifying them in the real world including egg cartons, bathroom tiles and baking trays. We have even found arrays in our own classrooms such as in number charts and wall displays!


Toy Donations

Dear Parents/Guardians,

In Term 3, Grade 2 students will explore ‘Toys and Games’, as part of our integrated studies unit. Students will be learning about toys and games through the ages, studying the history as well as looking at how technology has influenced toy production. In order to fully immerse students in the unit, we would appreciate if families could kindly donate/supply any old toys or games that are no longer in use. Please only bring in pre-loved toys and games that you would be happy to part with, in case of accidental damage or loss.

We also require donations of toy catalogues. If you have any donations please give them to your child’s classroom teacher. Any and all donations are welcomed and appreciated.

Thank you in advance for your help 🙂

The Grade 2 Team