Community Helper Visit

This week, students in the Grade 1 and 2 were treated to a special visit from St. Johns Ambulance as part of our Integrated Topic. Students learnt some basic first aid including:
  • What is an emergency and what isn’t
  • What to do for a nose bleed, burn or snake bite
  • What it means to be conscious and unconscious
  • What number to call for an emergency
The session was wonderful and full of real life skills that students may need to use in emergency situations. Students seem to especially enjoy the game at the end and CHarlotte playing an unconscious mum! Everyone was sent home with some goodies including a colouring book, a certificate of attainment, and a sticker.

PJ Day

Today was PJ Day at Coburg North Primary School. Everyone came to school dressed in their favourite pyjamas. Everyone also brought a gold coin donation, as PJ Day raises money for the Good Friday Appeal. 2A had a very comfortable day in their pyjamas.


Twilight Sports

Yesterday evening was the annual Coburg North Primary School Twilight Sports. There were many different races including a class race, a sack race, an egg and spoon race, a challenge for parents and a target practice competition. Everyone had a great time dressing up in their house colours and participating in the different events. Well done to Blue team for winning overall.

Basketball Clinic

On Tuesday, all the students in Grade 2 got to have a basketball clinic. Mike from the Coburg Giants came to school and taught us some different passes and new games. We also learnt about the different areas of a basketball court, such as the baseline, sidelines and the centre circle, and where they were on the court.



Camp Quality Puppets

Last Friday, Camp Quality Puppets came to C.N.P.S and put on an insightful puppet show for students and teachers.

The show helped students learn about the challenges of children living with cancer and how to be a supportive friend or classmate. It was also jam packed full of laughter, optimistic and some funny jokes from the puppets Dean and Kylie.

It was also Crazy Hair Day, and there were certainly a lot of interesting hairstyles from teachers and students! Our Crazy Hair Day raised funds for Camp Quality. It was great to see everyone getting involved.


Making Pancakes

Over the past few weeks, students in Grade 2 have been learning about procedural texts. We have spent some time in class identifying and learning about the different features and structures, and restructuring procedural texts into the correct format.

To develop further understanding of procedural texts and their structure, we made some yummy pancakes for Shrove Tuesday. Students were very helpful during the session, as they informed teachers of what was needed to make the recipes (our ingredients and utensils), the quantities required, and the steps involved in the method. Students seemed to thoroughly enjoy this session – especially as they were able to help add the ingredients into the bowl and mix the pancake batter.

The best part was at the end of the session when we got to choose our own toppings and eat the pancakes that we made!


Thank you Samira for taking these photos of us making our pancakes: